1. A belated Happy New Year!

    A lot of exciting things in store! 2013 actually marks the 25th Anniversary of the Village Voice coining the name "Mosaic Man" for Jim!

    Stay tuned. 

    To kick things off, some wonderful new designs are available in The Official Mosaic Man Belt Buckle Collection on Etsy


    Use Coupon Code ‘MOSAICMAN25’ at checkout for 25% Off your order!



    Like Jim on Facebook or Follow him on Pinterest and Twitter @MosaicManNYC

    Check out The Official Mosaic Man Collection on Etsy and CafePress for belt buckles, t-shirts and a variety of other items featuring Jim’s designs. Proceeds go toward supporting Jim’s work on The Mosaic Trail.

    Or you can make a fully tax-deductible donation here.


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You can support Jim's work by buying Official Mosaic Man Gear using the Store link above or making a donation via the button below.