1. 'BOSS' actor and East Village resident Jeff Hephner recently gave The Daily News an “insider’s guide to the East Village.”

    Of note:

    Artist Jim Power’s “Mosaic Trail” features some 80 lampposts running throughout the East Village. His works decorate planters and building facades as well, such as the year-old Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre outpost (entrance at 153 E. 3rd St., at Ave. A) which took over the Two Boots Pioneer Theater after it closed in 2008.

    Thanks for the shout out, Jeff!


    Before Jeff Hephner broke out with “Boss” on the Starz network, the actor spent time between acting gigs as a young man bartending and barcrawling about the East Village. “I met my wife at Bar None,” says Hephner, 37. The couple, now married almost 10 years with three kids, have settled into his wife’s childhood home on Fourth St. when they’re not filming the show in Chicago. “We keep pretty low-key,” he says. “You can hide in the Village.” Unlike the philandering politician he plays on TV, Hephner’s a family man who treats the kids to ice cream on Second Avenue or dinner on the nabe’s Curry Row (E. 6th St., between First & Second Aves.). Employees from Milon, Panna II and Royal Bangladesh restaurants, which share the same 93 First Ave. address, entice Hephner inside (“We have a sexy garden!” “Bring your own beer!”) “I brought my father here, and he was terrified that the lights were going catch on fire,” laughs Hephner, shaking Milon’s snarl of chili pepper Christmas lights.



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